028: Oren Peli, Creator of Paranormal Activity

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In this episode, I interview writer, director, producer, creator of Paranormal Activity.  Take an emotional ride as Oren shares with us the blow-by-blow of what it took to release Paranormal Activity to the world.



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I purposely did not ask questions of Oren that had already been asked of him.  Here is a collection of links that give more details of what it took to launch the Paranormal Activity franchise, as well as, his other productions such as The River and Insidious.


Interview with Director of Paranormal Activity Oren Peli

Interview: Oren Peli, Writer-Director of Paranormal Activity

Interview: Paranormal Activity Director Oren Peli

Paranormal Activity: Oren Peli Interview

Exclusive Interview:  Oren Peli

Interview: Paranormal Activity 3′ Creator/Producer Oren Peli

8 Rules to Turn $11,558 into $84 million:  Learning from “Paranormal Activity”

Paranormal Activity’s Oren Peli Reflect on “The Marked Ones”, Franchise’s Success 

Paranormal Activity Tears a Page from the Blair Witch Playbook

Can the Business World Learn from On-Screen Horror? 





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  • This is great Scott. Can’t wait to listen to it!

    • Thanks Josue. Yeah, I’ve always wanted to know the nitty-gritty details and the emotions involved with anyone who has made it … The fact that Oren shared all that with us in this interview is extremely generous. It’s about 90 minutes long, but I came out of it feeling like I just sat through one of the best movies ever … and it’s just a real candid interview that has an amazingly happy ending. Enjoy!

      • 90 minutes of inspiration to make our next 90 minute movie. Let’s go! I’m proud of what you’ve been accomplishing. Your drive, our drive, their drive will definitely result to something great. I’m excited for you.

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    • Scott McMahon

      Hey Kota,
      First off, thanks for leaving a comment, but yeah, I know. Haha. Unfortunately, it gets buried in their search function. Here’s the link to the podcast in iTunes: http://filmtrooper.com/itunes

      Actually iTunes is a mystery to many podcasters as they don’t reveal why certain shows get better front page time over others. There is an actual 8 week time period to take advantage of the “New & Noteworthy” bump on iTunes, but I just quietly started to publish the podcast a year ago, so I missed out on that window. Now I have to ask fans to subscribe to the podcast and leave a rating and review. If you find value in the podcasts, but don’t know how to leave a rating and review, you can check out this video: http://youtu.be/1OBfKEDBEKc