096: Digital Marketing for the Storypeneur with Annelise Larson

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Digital Marketing Expert, Annelise Larson on the Film Trooper Podcast

In this episode, I interview Digital Marketing Expert, Annelise Larson, who focuses on helping the Storypeneur conquer the challenges of marketing their work in today’s digital landscape.

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  • Scott Lyus

    Another great interview Scott. However I do feel piracy does have an effect on indie film, or more so on allowing indie filmmakers to break into the mainstream industry. Myself and most filmmakers I know have to self fund part of their projects, being truly indie cinema, and never make that money back when their film does become a hit and is pirated over the internet. And with top producers and production companies looking at how much your indie film made before looking at your next project, I feel the deflated figures can really hold down some great indie filmmakers from making that jump.

    • Hi Scott,
      Thanks for taking the time to listen to the podcasts. Yes, piracy can be a problem. We’re finding countries where the normal “paid” options are less than satisfactory, the piracy is more rampant. Although, in the internet business space, there are always a group of people who will want stuff for “free”. So, when an online blogger offers a ton of free information, there will be a group of people who only want that stuff, as opposed to wanting to buy anything from the blogger at a certain point. I guess the same could be said with people who pirate movies. It wouldn’t matter if the movie was made available through a “paid” platform that delivered a great experience, they’ll still want it for “free”.

      So, to combat this, most online businesses are trying to create unique experiences that can’t be pirated. I guess this is what I’m trying to explore more on Film Trooper, finding new business models for the über independent filmmaker. If we go down the path of what the traditional system dictates to us, then we’ll be susceptible to the fate of piracy like the studio system.