058: What Is The Most Important Thing Filmmakers Need To Do Before Submitting Their Film To An Aggregator? Jay Friedman from bitMAX Explains

DIRECTOR OF SALES AT bitMAX, JAY FRIEDMAN ON THE FILM TROOPER PODCAST  In this episode, I speak with Jay Friedman, Director of Sales from bitMAX, one of the top approved aggregators for iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, and many other digital distribution platforms.  Listen in as Jay reveals the biggest thing filmmakers should do…

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What Filmmakers Can Learn From Real Estate Investors

WE BUY HOUSES Have you ever been driving along the road and seen a sign staked into the ground, perhaps at the corner of an intersection, and it read:  “We Buy Houses”? For most of us, this sign means nothing … We might even find it a bit strange. Now, imagine … You’re a person…

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How To Succeed With Your Direct (Self) Film Distribution

He leaned in, looked over my shoulder, and smacked his gum louder than the sea of noise that came from the outside hallway. “Yeah, they’re okay.  But American comedies don’t sell.  You know even top stars like Will Ferrell and Steve Carell?  Yeah, they don’t sell well overseas.  You know who is the top international…

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