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Film_Trooper_Podcast_Logo_300pxThe Film Trooper Podcast is here to help independent filmmakers become entrepreneurs and gain financial freedom as an artist.  Much has changed in the world of independent film, that this might be a golden age when artists can finally build a sustainable living making their art.  Although we propose no secret recipe for success, listen in to hear how different filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, and even small business owners who are outside the film industry approach their business.

Learn from their mistakes and successes, then decide how you would apply those lessons to your own journey!

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001: Introduction to Film Trooper

002: Cinematographer for Portlandia, Bryce Fortner (Part 1)

003: Cinematographer for Portlandia, Bryce Fortner (Part 2)

004: Art Director of FireFall, Adam McMahon

005: Screenwriter, Randall Jahnson (Part 1)

006: Screenwriter, Randall Jahnson (Part 2)

007: Screenwriter, Randall Jahnson (Part 3)

008: Screenwriter, Randall Jahnson (Part 4)

009: Screenwriter, Randall Jahnson (Part 5)

010: Filmmaker, Marc Steele

011: Composer, Thomas Thorson (Interiors)

012: Hotsquatch Entertainment, Jacqueline Gault and James Wilderhancock (Part 1)

013: Hotsquatch Entertainment, Jacqueline Gault and James Wilderhancock (Part 2)

014: Actress/Model/Fashion Photographer, Lavenda Memory

015: Willamette Writers Conference, Chairman, Stefan Feuerherdt

016: Filmmaker and Transmedia Entrepreneur, Mike Vogel

017: Entrepreneurial and Marketing Expert, Jason Van Orden

018: Entrepreneurial and Marketing Expert, Jason Van Orden (Bonus)

019: Filmmaker “The Eyes of Thailand”, Windy Borman 

020: Casting Director, Michael Taylor Fontaine

021: Internet Marketing and Business Expert, Jeremy Frandsen

022: Valeri Fox Creator, James Lyons

023: Actor, Ted Rooney

024: Filmmaker, Tony Mendoza

025: Talent Agent, Dennis Troutman

026: Amused Now (dot) com, Cynthia Kahn

027: Casting Director, Eryn Goodman

028: Creator of Paranormal Activity, Oren Peli

029: Film Distribution Expert, Jason Brubaker

030: Film Marketing Fridays, Who Is Your Ideal Fan?

031: Film Marketing Fridays, How to Build Your Audience

032: Digital Marketing Strategist, Sheri Candler

033: Film Marketing Fridays, Who Made Money in the Gold Rush?

034: Film Marketing Fridays, Sales Sheet Equals Your Poster

035: Film Courage, Karen Worden and David Branin

036: Film Marketing Fridays, What Is Your Pitch?

037: Film Marketing Fridays, Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

038: Fizzle Co-Founder, Caleb Wojcik

039: Learn How To Be Good In A Room When Pitching With Stephanie Palmer

040: Film Marketing Fridays, Digging Deep Into Loglines

041: What is the wedding registry of crowdfunding?  Emily Best of Seed & Spark explains.

042: Film Marketing Fridays, Sales Comp for Your Film

043: Film Marketing Fridays, Implosion of the Pre-Sale?

044: How to Change the Representation of Women in Film with Thuc Nguyen of The Bitch Pack

045: Angel Investors for Filmmakers with the Producer Foundry, Ben Yennie

046: Film Marketing Fridays, How to Sell Your Film on Amazon

047: What if your debut feature film starred Juliette Lewis?  Director, Jen McGowan explains.

048: Film Marketing Fridays, How to Sell Your Film on Amazon (Part Deux)

049: What if you wrote a script with your mom and got the film made?  Bram Hoover explains.

050: Film Marketing Fridays, Examples and What You Should Be Really Marketing

051: Voices for Vets & The One-Year Anniversary of Film Trooper with Kevin McMahon 

052: Film Marketing Fridays, Volume vs. Value

053: Filmmakers, Remember What You’re Worth with Chris Johnson, Co-Founder of Simplifilm

054: Helping You Align with Your Deepest Truths and Create Possibilities For Your Life From That Place, with Andy Drish of The Foundation

055: Film Marketing Fridays, List Building

056: A Real Film Trooper In Action, Animator Morr Meroz Explains 

057: How To Be A Filmmaker By Helping Others with Darwin Carlisle of First Class Reels

058:  What is the Most Important Thing Filmmakers Need to do Before Submitting Their Film to an Aggregator?  Jay Friedman from bitMAX Explains.

059: Film Marketing Fridays, Can Someone Else Do The Marketing?

060: Film Marketing Fridays, How Do I Get My Targeted Audience To Buy My Film?

061: Film Marketing Fridays, 10 Marketing Questions

062: Film Marketing Fridays, How Do You Get Discovered?

063: Writing for the Green Light: How to make your script the one Hollywood notices with Scott Kirkpatrick

064: Film Marketing Fridays, Marketing Tips When You Have a Full Time Job

065: Film Marketing Fridays, Your Marketing Questions Answered

066: Film Marketing Fridays, How Do You Promote Your Film Without Annoying Everyone?

067: Film Marketing Fridays, How Not to be Afraid of Marketing

068: Film Marketing Fridays, IRON MAN Right or Wrong?

069: Healing Through Art, From Heroin Addiction to Filmmaker, Marisa Vitali Explains

070: Film Marketing Fridays, Film Festivals … Yay or Nay?

071: Film Marketing Fridays, What If You Don’t Take Your Film To A Festival?

072: Film Marketing Fridays, Why You Only Want To Sell To One Person

073: Film Marketing Fridays, Marketing Tips for a Web Series

074: Indie Film Academy Perspective with Jason Buff

075: Q&A with Dark Haven Studios, Mike Lundahl

076: Film Marketing Fridays, What Am I Really Marketing?

077: How a Filmmaker Made $1.3 Million Selling His Film Directly To Customers with Christopher Rufo

078: Film Marketing Fridays, The Buyer’s Circle

079: Film Marketing Fridays, VOD Sales Projections

080: Film Marketing Fridays, F*CK Marketing

081: Film Marketing Fridays, What Results Do You Want?

082: Film Marketing Fridays, Facebook Marketing for Filmmakers (Part 1)

083: Film Marketing Fridays, Facebook Marketing for Filmmakers (Part 2)

084: Film Marketing Fridays, What is Your Unfair Advantage?

085: Film Marketing Fridays, Pricing Your Film

086: How a Filmmaker Made $90,000 Selling His Short Film Online with Alex Ferrari (Part 1)

087: How a Filmmaker Made $90,000 Selling His Short Film Online with Alex Ferrari (Part 2)

088: Producer’s Rep and Founder of Producer Foundry, Ben Yennie

089: Film Marketing Fridays, Crowdfunding Your Finishing Funds

090: How a Filmmaker Generated 1.5 Millions Views For His Feature Film, Algorithm, with Jon Schiefer

091: Respect the Process with Commercial Director, Filmmaker and Comedian, Jordan Brady

092: Film Festival Secrets with Christopher Holland

093: Demystifying the Myth of the Starving Artist with Cory Huff

094: Film Marketing Fridays, Using Live Events to Market and Fund Your Film

095: Film Marketing Fridays, How to Get the Word of Mouth Out For Your Film

096: Digital Marketing for the Storypeneur with Annelise Larson

097: Bridging the Indie Gap with Brad Wilke of Smarthouse Creative

098: Film Marketing Fridays, How to Market Yourself as a Stunt Performer

099: State of Affairs in Indie Film with Dave Bullis

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