Survive the Hollywood Implosion


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The New Adventures in Film Distribution

Hello, my name is Scott McMahon

I'm a Fellow Film Trooper.

Film production is no longer a barrier ...

Anyone can make a film today.

Film distribution is no longer a barrier ...

Anyone can upload and sell their film to a worldwide audience today.

So, what's the last barrier for filmmakers?

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How do you make and sell your film online and survive the Hollywood implosion while doing it?


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Stuck on what to do next with your film? Too many questions about distribution?

What is the Future of Filmmaking?

Make a Film

How do you make a film that will sell online?

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Market Your Film

What can the California Gold Rush teach us about film marketing?

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Sell Your Film

How does selling lemonade teach you about selling your film?

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For Actors

What's it like being a Co-Star on a national television show?

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Are you stuck trying to make your film?

See what equipment was used to make a feature film for $500 with no crew!