103: Star Wars Meets Shakespeare with Author Ian Doescher

Film Trooper podcast interview with Ian Doescher, author of William Shakespeare's Star Wars
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Storytellers: The Bard Meets Wars ...

In this episode, I speak with New Times Best Selling Author, Ian Doescher, about his books, "William Shakespeare's Star Wars".

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From Shakespeare to Star Wars ...

Inspiration is all around us ...

What we do with this inspiration is what separates us from the doers and the dreamers.

Film Trooper Podcast Interview with Ian Doescher, author of Shakespeare's Star Wars

Author, Ian Doescher Takes Action ...

How do you become a New York Times Best Seller?

It all started with Doescher taking action and contacting the "right" publisher to pitch his idea.

It's important to connect your idea with the "right" kind of publisher or producer who can move the needle further.

I know ...

Because there was a time I pitched a film project to the wrong kind of producer.  I was selling my shoe design to a hat maker.  Don't make that mistake if you can help it.

Film Trooper podcast interview with Ian Doescher, author of Shakespeare's Star Wars

Film Trooper podcast interview with Ian Doescher, author of Shakespeare's Star Wars

In This Episode ...

One of the key points made in the book, "How to Make and Sell Your Film Online and Survive the Hollywood Implosion While Doing It" ... is how Hollywood is not in film business, they’re not really in show business …

But rather they are in the business of license exploitation.

Independent Filmmakers - What business are you in? License Exploitation. George Lucas describes it best when he said, "All the money is in the action figures."

And George Lucas being the poster boy for the business model, said, “All the money is in the action figures”

What he was saying is that although Star Wars, the film, made a lot of money ...

The bigger money came in the form of license exploitation.

Using that license to make toys, clothing, video games, tv shows — and books!


The Podcast Above ...

I was able to have lunch and grab an interview with the author of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars books.  That’s right, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars.

Imagine, if Shakespeare wrote the Star Wars movies in the style of his time?


Doescher shares with us his story of ...

  • How he came up with the idea for William Shakespeare’s Star Wars ...
  • The process he used to write the books
  • His journey in getting a publisher agree to make the books
  • The results from writing a New York Times Best Seller


For a filmmaker, the New York Times, would be something like getting into Sundance and winning an award.

You’d think your filmmaking career was set ... right?

But, as Ian reveals, success is relevant.

Enjoy the episode!

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I finished my film ...

But now what?

You're in luck!

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