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[Podcast] How To Make Money With Your Live Screenings

In this episode, documentary filmmaker, Christopher Everett, shares how he makes money from the live screenings of, "Wilmington on Fire".

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Slow Burn ...

Just because you finished your film, it doesn't mean you have to rush it to the market.

Sometimes there's a beauty in taking your time ...

That's what Christopher Everett is doing with his riveting documentary, "Wilmington on Fire".


The Wilmington Massacre of 1898 ...

"Wilmington of Fire" goes deep into what really happened to the African-American community of Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898.

Sometimes called the "Wilmington Massacre" or "Wilmington Insurrection" ...

This horrific event led to the "Jim Crow" laws of legal segregation for many of the Southern United States.

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Create a Solid Pitch Package ...

Filmmaker, Christoper Everett, starts with a topic that commands attention ...

Think of a catchy headline from a blog that makes you want to click the link to read more ...

Does your film have that quality?

"Wilmington of Fire" prompts the mysterious question, "A Massacre Kept Secret for Over 100 Years.  Now the Truth Will Finally Be Revealed."

The simple one line pitch is engaging enough for most people to want to know more.

But Everett has to execute and deliver on that promise.  Take a look at the links below to see how he has clearly sold the story behind the story ...


Download the Press Kit: Here


How To Promote Your Movie Before It's Completed ...

One of the tips you'll learn from Christopher Everett, is to use the resources and materials you have in front of you to help promote your film, even before it's completed.

For Everett, he turned to rap artists for inspiration to learn how they promoted themselves before a new album was released.

In "Wilmington of Fire's" case, Everett gave away copies of the movie's soundtrack to be used for promotional purposes only.


Grab a copy of the soundtrack:  Here


A Picture Tells a Thousand Words ...

In addition to offering a very short and effective press kit, a quality promotional soundtrack, and a compelling subject matter ... Everett shares original artwork from his film in order to promote the film.

When the artwork is as dynamic and emotionally engaging as this collection, it makes it much easier to want to share the work and story with as many press outlets as possible ...

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Get more from Christopher Everett

Trailers and Clips:  www.vimeo.com/wilmingtononfire
Promotional Soundtrack:  https://soundcloud.com/wilmingtononfire/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wilmingtononfire


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I finished my film ...

But now what?

You're in luck!

This FREE video series can help.

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