112: What If Your Script SUCKS & How To Fix It (Part 2)

Film Trooper Podcast - What if your script Sucks.
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[Podcast] What If Your Script SUCKS & How To Fix It (Part 2)

In this episode, I explore what happens when your script isn't working and how to fix it.  This is part 2 of this special series, so be sure to listen in on part 1 before continuing with this episode. (Listen to the podcast or watch the video below)

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Expose Yourself ...

Not in that way ...

But if you have to ... well, there go.

I'm talking about sharing your work without fear.

In the last podcast episode, I shared with the world my script as an audio presentation, full with music and sound effects.


What was the goal?

I want to expose the workman process of screenwriting.  By sharing the new script as an audio presentation, it was my way low cast way of sharing how my movie would play.

Thankfully, I didn't spend all this money making a film that had an inferior script.

No that I have shared my script to the world, it's a tangible thing ... it can be reworked.


Pixar Braintrust ...

I'm fascinated by how Pixar has been able to produce one emotionally transformative movie one after the other.

Although, my film is not a family animated story, the process in which Pixar is able to get the best out the writing process is something that can be replicated on an indie level.

That's my hope anyway ...

How does the Braintrust session work?  Allow Ed Catmull, President and Co-Founder of Pixar explain in his own words (watch 7-minute video below)



Make Your Own Braintrust ...

Now that Mr. Catmull has properly explained how the Braintrust works, allow me to introduce you my own makeshift group.

In this special podcast episode, I've gathered ...



Alex Ferrari from Indie Film Hustle ...




Dave Bullis from the Dave Bullis Podcast ...




Jason Buff from Indie Film Academy ...

indie film academy



Helpful Guidelines for the Braintrust ...

Form a group of passionate and knowledgable story people


  • There is no hiearchy
  • Allow everyone to be as candid as possible about the story
  • Focusing on the story and not the writer will help everyone focus on what matters
  • Start with the 3rd act moment that is supposed to be the pivotal emotional scene.  Does the story effectively transform the audience?
  • What happens in the 2nd act that hints at the 3rd act moment?
  • What happens in the 1st act that forecasts the 3rd act moment?
  • Focus on whether or not the story is clear or not
  • If not, what isn't clear?
  • If it is clear, is it interesting?


Hopefully this podcast episode will inspire you to form your own Braintrust group to help you craft the best story possible.

Enjoy the episode!


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I finished my film ...

But now what?

You're in luck!

This FREE video series can help.

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