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[Podcast] How To Get A Distribution Deal

In this episode, I interview the team behind the raunchy American comedy, "The Bet".  Producer, Reza Riazi, and Co-Producer and Writer, Chris Jay, share with us how they got the funding and distribution for their film, and how you can do the same.

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How Do You Get Money To Make Your Film?

Here is the best answer for this important question ...


Yes, it's that simple.  Just ask for the money.

Invest in my movie

As you'll hear in this episode, Co-Producer and Co-Writer, Chris Jay, simply ask his friends and family ...


"Do you know anyone who might be interested in investing in a movie?"


You can see how that question puts the friend or family member at a place of trying to help you ... and they don't feel pressured to invest in your movie.

By simply asking if they know anyone, it may lead to someone who might be willing to do just that.

All you need is one person to say yes ...

Can you get one "YES" for your film?



Act Like You Care ...

As you'll discover in this interview, most investors will invest in "you" and not always what your project is about.

This was the case for Chris Jay.

You can hear his enthusiasm ...

Can you match his passion for your film?



How Do You Get A Distribution Deal?

Just Ask ...

The same unbridle enthusiasm in asking for the money to make the film, the team for "THE BET", just spent time hustling and asking if a distribution company would be interested in their film.

If there is one thing that you take away from this episode is simply start ASKING.

The worst case scenario is someone says, "NO".

But all you need is one person to say, "YES" ...

Just like these guys were able to get one investor to say, "YES" ...

And one distribution company to say, "YES" ...


Enjoy the podcast!

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Discover more from Chris Jay and his band, Army of Freshmen ...


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I finished my film ...

But now what?

You're in luck!

This FREE video series can help.

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