114: Overcoming Death and Making Movies That Matter with Jenna Edwards

Film Trooper Podcast - Overcoming death to make movies that matter. Jenna Edwards.
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[Podcast] Overcoming Death and Making Movies That Matter

In this episode, I interview actress and award winning producer, Jenna Edwards, about surviving a near death experience to learn how to make movies that matter.

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Making movies is hard …


For anyone who has ever made a film, and felt like they’ve bled to make it happen …

And then to have an audience react with a soft, “hmmm”.

It can be heartbreaking.

We all have obstacles, barriers … even demons that we fight through to get these movies made.

But what if you had an experience that almost killed you?


Film Trooper Podcast - Overcoming death to make movies that matter.


Overcoming Death …

In this podcast interview, actress and producer, Jenna Edwards, shares with us that moment when her life changed …

And how she is taking her gift for life to “Make Movies That Matter”.



Movie Mastery …

Jenna Edwards was able to get her first feature narrative onto Hulu and in theaters on the same day.  This is what is called, “Day and Date”, when a film opens in theaters and online … on the same day!

Jenna is on a mission to shift the independent film scene so that it is a thriving, viable option for artists and filmmakers, and to saturate the film industry with meaningful, creative, or fantastical films created by passion.

This is why she has created Indie Movie Mastery … to help you!





What would you do if you almost died?

What kind of films would you spend your life on after the traumatic event?

Listen in as we explore these questions and more!

Enjoy the podcast!


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