117: Better Control Over Your Film Distribution with Dot Studio Pro

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[Podcast] Better Control Over Your Film Distribution

In this episode, I interview Phoenix Gonzalez, COO at Dot Studio Pro, who explains how her company offers better distribution control for filmmakers.

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The Next Evolution of Video Distribution ...

I've never used the services of Dot Studio Pro, so I can't necessarily endorse the company for something I've never used.

However ...

In this podcast episode, I try to dig deeper to see how a company like, Dot Studio Pro can help you in your distribution efforts.

According to the website, Dot Studio Pro explains their services as such:

dotstudioPRO is an amazing technology that enables you to self manage and distribute your content. It takes down the barriers to distribution and really empowers you to build your business, connect with and grow your audience. As a creator, create your own VOD and AVOD environment and publish your content to your own site, Facebook Page and OTT. Our team works with you to syndicate to publishers who are looking for content to distribute to their audience. dotstudioPRO is non-exclusive…. really its up to you and your business model. Our team works with you directly to ensure that you are maximizing your potential opportunity and your reach. When you succeed we succeed. Our whole mission is to break down the distribution barriers and really have you connect with your audience. Sign up and lets chat!


What Does This Mean?

As you'll hear in the podcast interview, I was a little confused at what service Dot Studio Pro offered.

My understanding is that Dot Studio Pro offers:

A universal interface to manage your content on various devices, such as:

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Mobile
  • Live Pay-Per-View
  • WordPress
  • Facebook

Apple TV?

Does this mean they'll put you onto iTunes?

No.  They are not an aggregator like BitMax.

They can add your content to a channel that is accessed through the APP STORE on the Apple TV.  This is useful if you have a series.

You can either work with Dot Studio Pro to create this Apple TV app or work with them as a partner and their, MY SPOTLIGHT.TV brand.


Feature Film or Web Series?

Dot Studio Pro works with all filmed content, as they are non-exclusive.  Meaning that you can distribute your film on any other platform or with any other digital distribution service.


Some of the benefits with Dot Studio Pro, that I see are as follows:

  • Better suited for web series content
  • A single interface portal for pricing and tracking if your content is distributed on several platforms and devices
  • Getting enterprise (other businesses) to notice your content if it resides on My Spotlight.TV


Of course, there are many other benefits, but it's best for Phoenix to explain than my interpretation.

I hope you find value in this episode.

Enjoy the Podcast!

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