121: How To Make A Living From Your Web Series and Documentaries with Lucas Longacre

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[Podcast] How to Make a Living From Your Web Series and Documentaries

In this episode, I speak with Lucas Longacre from Iron Way Entertainment about how he and his wife are able to make a living from their web series and documentaries.

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Are you in the service business?

Many filmmakers make a living as freelancers and independent contractors.  You'll often see filmmakers banding together to start production companies who work with ad agencies to make content for high paying clients.

This type of business provides a service to a client.

This is the service based business model.

So, what are the cons?

Since your boss is the client, most filmmakers will have to concede creative direction in order to meet the client's demands.

Wouldn't it be nice to be your own boss ... and be able to make a living from your web series or documentaries?


How do you switch to a content creator?

In this podcast episode, you'll hear as Lucas Longacre and his wife, Kelly Cox, were able to switch from being a service based company to owning and creating their own content.

In fact, you'll hear what happens when all their eggs were in one basket—one high paying basket ... and what happens when that goose stops laying the golden eggs.

Working for clients can sometimes feel like your life is under the thumb of someone else.

Leaving you with not much control.

It can push you to create your own content, where you can just work with fans and customers who love your work.

Listen in as Lucas describes how they were able to make a living from their web series and documentaries.


Takeaways ...

One of the key things you'll hear in this podcast episode is the importance of targeting and understanding your audience.

What struck me as an effective element in Lucas and Kelly's approach to business, was focusing on the "right" audience.

Hint ...

It wasn't other filmmakers.

Nope ...

Lucas and Kelly focused on companies that already had the audience they knew would be great partners for their content.


Diving deeper ...

What you'll hear in this podcast episode is not only finding the right type of companies to partner with ... but also finding the "right" advocate in that company.

For anyone who has ever worked in corporate environments , they can tell you, that there are politics that prevent things from getting done.

So, what you need to find is just one "advocate" to champion your web series or documentary.

And even if you have an existing relationship with a company, that advocate may leave ...

And then what?

Your project may leave with them.


In the end ... What matters?

For Lucas and Kelly, they've decided to focus on projects that mattered to them.

Projects that would add value to the world.

With their unique food and travel show, "The Original Fare" they get to search for the best ingredients in the world.

It's not just knowing where your favorite spices come from, but also where does your favorite meat come from?

How is it prepared, packaged, and processed?

Not everyone wants to know ... but there is a loyal following that do want to know.

One of those fans turned out to be PBS!

Hear how that distribution deal came to be, as well as, a lot more valuable tips that can help you make a living from your web series or documentary!

Enjoy the podcast 🙂


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