131: Predicting Disruptions in the Entertainment Industry

predicting disruptions in entertainment
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[Podcast] Predicting Disruptions in the Entertainment Industry

In this episode, I'm joined by Gabriella Mirabelli, host of the Up Next podcast.  Her podcast focuses on new ideas and new technology that are causing seismic shifts the media industry. Gabriella introduces us to the innovators, the risk-takers and the disrupters on the front lines of change from Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and beyond.

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Disruptions in Media and Entertainment

Jack W. Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research, Ltd, opens a recent video with the remark, “I can’t imagine any single sector that has been more disrupted or forced into more change than the media and entertainment industry over the past few decades.”


The Future of Media and Publishing

What other industry trends should we watch for in the coming years?

Mr. Plunkett points to the rapidly expanding affluent consumer bases in developing nations like China and India. “In fact, the fastest box office growth in the whole world for a long time has been in China,” he notes. “India has tremendous possibilities as an entertainment destination and an entertainment market.”

Read the original article at:  MARKET RESEARCH


Predicting disruptions in the entertainment industry

Gabriella Mirabelli ...

[She] is the foremost authority on translating millennial behavioral trends for executives at major media enterprises.

As CEO and co-founder of ANATOMY, a New York based, Emmy Award winning creative agency and branding consultancy, Gabriella specializes in the promotion and marketing of world-class entertainment brands. Her clients include Amazon, FX Networks, National Geographic, NBCUniversal, Smithsonian Channel, Sundance TV, TNT and USA Network.

Over the last half decade, Gabriella has studied how the practices of these and other media brands intersect with the media consumption habits of millennials. Her most recent in-depth report “Millennials At the Gate” is an examination of streaming, ad blocking, and piracy habits of young millennials. It has been cited by major publications such as Forbes, The Wrap, MediaPost, and Yahoo Finance.

She now hosts the podcast series that explores these disruptions in depth.  Listen more: Up Next Podcast


For Film Troopers ...

Gabriella recommends that Film Troopers check out the episode with Traci Paige Johnson, creator of "Blues Clues".

In the episode, Traci takes the Up Next listeners behind the scenes at yummico, and reveals what it takes to get a TV show produced – and discovered – in the new age of children’s programming.

Topics include:

  • The big changes in children’s consumption habits
  • Why children’s media companies are taking on shorter form content
  • Creating brand awareness through merchandising and content marketing
  • Teaching children healthy media routines

Go to the episode:  Up Next Episode 18


Another episode to check out ...


Simon Taufique is an award-winning composer, film producer and founding partner of Atomic Features.

He also reveals what’s really behind the Internet piracy curtain, and questions whether or not we’re actually living in the golden age of content.

Topics include:

  • What his friend M. Night Shyamalan taught him about filmmaking
  • Why it’s tougher to find film distribution than ever before
  • Calculating numbers (and overall success) in the streaming space
  • Why word of mouth is more powerful than you think
  • Navigating frantic online communities

Go to the episode:  Up Next Episode 15

Enjoy the interview with Up Next's Gabriella Mirabelli and our conversation about disruption in the entertainment industry ... and how it affects the Film Trooper.


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