133: How to Market Your Indie Film (Part 2)

How to market your indie film
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[Podcast] How to Market Your Indie Film (Part 2)

In this episode, we continue part 2 of how to market your indie film by LIVE workshopping Jamie Benyon's and Lucy Jordan's indie film, Time of the Season.

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How to market your indie film ...

One of the most powerful tools in marketing your indie film will be your trailer.  It sounds like a no-brainer, but as movie lovers we know a good trailer when we see it.

Oddly, many indie film trailers fall short of making the right impression.

In the example below, we can analyze Jamie's and Lucy's trailer and see how we can improve upon it to better convey what the film is all about.

The first thing to do is to review how other movie trailers of the same genre are made.

Here is the current trailer for "Time of the Season".

Then, review the trailers for the films, "Home for the Holidays", "August Osage County", and "This is Where I Leave You".

How to improve your trailer?

One of the simplest techniques to improve your movie trailer, is to literally place clips of your movie on top of the clips from a successful trailer.

Or at least model your movie trailer after movie trailers that you love.

In fact, look at what the latest Star Wars Trailer did!

They literally redid the same trailer as they did before, but with new footage.

How to market your indie film ...

Beyond just delving into how to improve your indie film trailer, in part 2 of this podcast, you'll hear our discussions on ...

  • Time Management - It's one thing to dream up all the different marketing things you can do, it's another to actually implement them.  That's where time management and time priority come in.
  • What are you selling? - Before you can really promote your marketing message, you'll have to understand what you're really selling.  You might be surprised that it may not be your film!
  • Sell the benefits not the features - How do you do this for your indie film?
  • Change the movie's title - Sometimes by simply changing the film's title you can improve your marketing message.
  • How to build up to your film's launch - What tactics can you use to get your film ready for it's initial distribution launch.


How to market your indie film

If you haven't listened to Part 1 yet, then I encourage you to do so here:

How to Market Your Indie Film (Part 1)

Enjoy listening!


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