134: How to Gain Access to Anyone

how to gain access to anyone
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[Podcast] How to Gain Access to Anyone

In this episode, I'm joined by fellow podcaster, Michael Schein, as he shares with us how filmmakers can gain access to anyone.

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Filmmakers: How do you get access to the money people?

For many desperate indie filmmakers this is an enigma.  How do you get access to the money people who will fund your film?

My podcast guest, Michael Schein, is the CEO of MicroFame Media, a digital marketing company that implements systems and process that turn businesses into recognized authorities in their fields for the purpose of driving new business online.

Michael helps us tackle this question of how to get access to these money people ... and why the independent artist has this way of thinking.

How to gain access to anyone

On Michael Schein's podcast, Access to Anyone, in which he co-hosts with Michael Roderick, they explore how you can get to know anyone you want to in business and in life using everything from the latest technology to the most time tested principles.

Hopefully, you can gather some advice on how to tackle the issue of gaining access to money people after listening to a few episodes.


Copywriting: Headlines that could work for your indie film

In addition to running his company MicroFame Media, Michael has an extensive background in copywriting.  In this podcast episode, we get some valuable tips on how t o write better headlines for your facebook and Twitter posts to grab the attention of your targeted audience.

One way to do this is to steal from headlines that work for other industries.

Take for instance the world of "clickbait".

What is a "clickbait" headline?  It's content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.  Most of the time the content has nothing to do with the headline.  It's misleading, yet it accomplishes the task of getting you to click the link.

Let's take a look at some clickbait examples and how you could replace certain words to work for your film.  Just be sure that you are delivering worthy content to support your "clickbait" headline.


Marketing ideas for your indie horror film


If you are trying to promote your horror film, try doing something like this.  As you'll hear in this podcast episode, Michael Schein talks about creating an itch that needs to be scratched.


Seriously, you want to know what's inside, don't you?  This is the idea of creating that itch.


This is the art of the "clickbait" use the power to your advantage and get more people interested in your film.

Check out more examples from Ranker.com and their article:  The Worst Clickbait Headlines That You Just Won't Believe

How to gain access to anyone ...

Michael and I cover more topics in this podcast episode, but hopefully, you'll get a better idea of how to gain access to almost anyone to help further your filmmaking career.

In the meantime, you can learn more about Michael's company MicroFame Media by clicking here:  MicroFame Media



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