135: How to Sell Your Film to Netflix

How to sell your film to Netflix
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[Podcast] How to Sell Your Film to Netflix

In this episode, former podcast guest, Jonny Von Wallström, shares with us how to sell your film to Netflix.  The second half of the episode is a rebroadcast of our past interview with Jonny about how to get meetings with Netflix.

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Is Netflix the new Sundance?

In the world of independent film distribution, things are moving and changing at a lightning pace.  It could be said that the global reach that Netflix offers is the new desire for filmmakers, just as getting accepted into the Sundance Film Festival was a few years ago.

In this podcast episode, we catch up with former podcast guest, Jonny Von Wallström, as he just posted a video on his YouTube channel entitled, "How I Sold My Film to Netflix".

How do you actually sell your film to Netflix?

In the episode, you'll hear how Jonny did 2 very important things ...

  1. He was persistent
  2. He asked

Perhaps success comes down to those two basic principles.

Simply "ASK" for what you want and be "PERSISTENT" about doing so.

Let's start with the "ASK".

In an article by the Harvard Business Review entitled, The Power of Your Network is the “Ask”, executive and super-networker, Vala Afshar identifies what makes people better at networking than others.

  1. Hard working (it does take work to network)
  2. Humble (Be a better listener than a bragger)
  3. Quietly confident that connecting the people they introduce will result in something great even if it’s not yet clear; and, perhaps most importantly ...who understand the power of the ask.
  4. Be someone who understands the power of the ask.

You can read the original article here:  link

How applying perseverance can help sell your film to Netflix

The second thing you'll notice in the podcast episode is how persistent and perseverance was the driving force behind making the sale with Netflix for Wallström.

This study into how formidable the power of "PERSEVERANCE" and "GRIT" is to success is quite compelling.

In a Forbes article entitled, 5 Characteristics Of Grit -- How Many Do You Have? the author highlights the studies done by Angela Duckworth and her book, "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance" can be a blueprint for success for any of us.

The 5 characteristics of grit would be ...

  1. Courage
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Follow Through
  4. Resilience
  5. Excellence vs. Perfection

You can read the original article here:  link

How do you get a meeting with Netflix?

As you'll hear in the podcast episode, Wallström took advantage of the work we made to reach out and contact publications like the Huffington Post.

Once he landed on that site, he kept leveling up.

Film festivals became a place where he could promote the work he was doing and leverage that back to make cold calls (and emails) to anyone working at Netflix.

He just kept asking and never giving up.

You can read more at the original posts here:  How To Get A Meeting With Netflix, HBO, and CNN for Your Documentary Film

Enjoy the episode!


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