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[Podcast] Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers with Richard "RB" Botto

In this episode, we are joined by Richard "RB" Botto, author of the book, "Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers".  You might know RB as the founder of Stage 32 and RAZOR Magazine.  Discover why crowdsourcing is more important than crowdfunding.

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Crowdsourcing vs. Crowdfunding

Many filmmakers get wrapped up in how to "crowdfund".  Most filmmakers are too focused on having people give them money to help make their movie.

Most filmmakers don't stop and ask, "What can I give back to the people I'm asking money from?"

Some will say, "People will get my movie."  But the reality is ... most people don't want your movie.

The real question should be, "How do I rise above the noise to get people to give me money for my movie?"

That's where our guest's book, "Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers" comes in.

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Meet Richard "RB" Botto

In this podcast episode, Indie Film Coach, Ron Newcomb interviews, Richard "RB" Botto.

Who is RB?  Here's an excerpt from his bio page:

Richard "RB" Botto is the founder & CEO of Stage 32 (stage32.com), the world’s largest online platform for connecting and educating film creatives. Called "LinkedIn for film creatives" by Forbes, Stage 32 boasts a half million members and over 1,000 hours of education.

Prior to Stage 32, Botto was the founder, publisher and editor of Razor Magazine, a national men’s lifestyle magazine, which had a readership of 1.5 million at its peak.

Botto is also an actor, producer and screenwriter. His latest screenplay, The End Game, is in production at Covert Media.

Botto is a much sought-after speaker, teaching and mentoring around the world.

He has also appeared on such networks as Fox News, CNBC, CBS News, MSNBC and Bloomberg, speaking on the subjects of social media, networking, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, screenwriting, business, entrepreneurial practices, and more.

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Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers

This is a good episode!  There are a ton of valuable takeaways.

One of the main takeaways is ... NETWORK.

Get working on getting to know the right people.  It's one of the key aspects as the job of a filmmaking entrepreneur.


In the meantime, if you want to pick up a copy of RB's book, click the button below.


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