142: How To Sell Your Film at The American Film Market (AFM)

how to sell your film at afm
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[Podcast] How To Sell Your Film at The American Film Market (AFM)

In this episode, Indie Film Coach, Ron Newcomb interviews the Managing Director of The American Film Market (AFM), Jonathan Wolf.  Discover what the film market is and how best to utilize the event to sell your film to the international market.

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How to Work the AFM ...

Believe it or not, there is an annual event where people from all over the world come to Santa Monica, CA to buy and sell film product.  It's called the American Film Market (AFM).

Taken straight from the pages of AFM ... Here are the steps to successfully work the market:

STEP 1: Homework: Create a List of Target Companies

STEP 2: More Homework: Create a List of Target Executives

STEP 3: Start Scheduling Meetings

STEP 4: Prioritize Your Target List

STEP 5: Work on Your Pitch

STEP 6: Make More Appointments

STEP 7: Prepare Materials

STEP 8: Work The Show Before You Go

STEP 9: It’s Showtime!

Get the entire rundown of what to do at each step from AFM's own website here:  CLICK TO REVIEW

how to sell your film at AFM
how to sell your film at AFM

How to Sell Your Film at the AFM: The Unconventional Way ...

Filmmaker Magazine published a great article on how some unknown indie filmmakers sold their film at the AFM in the most unconventional way.

An excerpt from the article read:

Going as an exhibitor is not without its disadvantages; regular attendance for four days costs $495, but to go as an exhibitor cost $3,500. “It definitely made all the world of difference,” Horowitz says, “because we were able to email and call every single distributor at the hotel and say, ‘We’re here, we just finished a movie two hours before we got on the plane in Cleveland and we’re here to sell it.'” He adds not everyone was receptive to their approach. “People at Sony Pictures, the high-end stuff, were like, ‘How did you get this number? Get out of my office kid.’” But they did connect with a buyer. “You get mixed reviews on your behavior,” says Horowitz, “but we definitely think it paid off.”

Read the entire article here:  CLICK TO READ MORE

How to Sell Your Film at AFM

Jonathan Wolf, Managing Director of AFM ...

In this podcast episode, Jonathan Wolf shares insight on how independent filmmakers can succeed at the film market.

Wolf has been at the helm of AFM for years and has seen the industry survive the economic crash of 2008, the advancement in digital technology and now the advent of global digital distribution.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and take away a lot of valuable insights.

To attend AFM click this link to register!  REGISTER NOW FOR AFM

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