148: Discussing Story and A Well Written Script

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[Podcast] Discussing Story and A Well Written Script

In this episode, VIP Film Summit Founder, Ron Newcomb, interviews award-winning filmmaker, Greg Green about looking at filmmaking through the lens of the writer.  Discussing the importance of story, structure, dialogue, and how flashbacks can be used as a strategic way to reveal character. Plus! How does someone over 40 living outside of Hollywood make things happen?

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Greg Green, Award-Winning Filmmaker

Gregory Green is an award-winning producer, director, and screenwriter. He won BEST PICTURE and BEST DIRECTOR at the Houston Int'l Film Festival for his psychological thriller, 3 OF A KIND now on Amazon Prime (http://bit.ly/3ofaKindonAmazon). Greg started making films at the age of nine and hasn't stopped since! See my credits below. http://www.greggreenfilms.com/home.html

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