149: Lessons Learned From Indie Film Hustle

Lessons Learned From Indie Film Hustle
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[Podcast] Lessons Learned From Indie Film Hustle

In this episode, Alex Ferrari returns to share what he's learned in the years since launching "Indie Film Hustle". In addition, Alex shares with us what he's learned from crowdfunding and self-distributing his feature film, "This is Meg" and the launch of his new film, "On the Corner of Ego and Desire", a comedy about selling a film at the Sundance Film Festival, made over the course of 4 days while attending the Sundance Film Festival.

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A Film About ...

The latest film by Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle is a comedy about selling an indie film at the Sundance Film Festival.  Shot on location during the Sundance Film Festival over the span of 4 days!


Three hapless independent filmmakers make the trek to the Sundance Film Festival and go through absolute hell in search for the elusive producer that is supposedly going to buy their independent feature film, all within 24 hours. With a producer who stole money from his mother's retirement account to fund the film, to a director who thinks she's the next Francois Truffaut, to an actor/editor who is a doormat for everyone, this motley crew of misfit filmmakers have a tough time navigating the chaotic world of the Sundance Film Festival. Ignorance, foolishness and above all ego drive the team to implosion as they struggle to realize their filmmaking dreams.

Go to:  https://indiefilmhustle.com/egoanddesire/

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Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Indie Film Hustle: www.indiefilmhustle.com
Indie Film Hustle Podcast: www.filmmakingpodcast.com
On the Corner of Ego and Desire: www.egoanddesirefilm.com
Bulletproof Screenplay Podcast: www.screenwritingpodcast.com
Bulletproof Script Coverage Service: www.covermyscreenplay.com
Indie Film Producing Masterclass with Suzanne Lyons: www.producingmasterclass.com


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