1st Annual Suck-Up Awards

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What are the Suck-Up Awards?

One of the first things that successful online entrepreneurs  recommended their students to do … is to throw a networking event.  This is our version of a networking event.  There are so many local independent filmmakers working in (your) town that you might not even know it.

Sure, there are Facebook Groups and Meet-Up groups, but what’s more fun then getting some local talented people together for some fun?  That’s the idea behind the Suck-Up Awards.  Film Trooper gets to suck-up, kiss-up, schmooze with some local talent and give them recognition for their work.

In the process of recognizing others, which is another technique that successful online entrepreneurs recommend, is to give and give often — Becoming a “connector” and “curator” of talent is an important role in becoming an meaningful film entrepreneur … I meant, to say, Film Trooper.

Lil Red Wooden Block

Since Film Trooper focuses on producing films with only the resources in front of you … This keeps the overall production costs down for your eventual film product to have a chance of bringing in a higher return on investment (ROI) than majority of films produced in a given year.

THE CUBE is a result of this strategy in practice.  Made for $500 with no crew, this feature film hopes to inspire others with the thinking, “If this yahoo can make a feature film like this, then so can I!”

So, if you’re in Portland on January 28th, be sure to join us and suck-up … I mean, network with the rest of us.


Don’t Go Away Empty Handed

If you haven’t already received your FREE GIFT, which is resource guide to all the equipment that was used to make THE CUBE, then be sure to head on over to www.FREEGEARGUIDE.com to get your gift!




Scott McMahon is a Fellow Film Trooper at Film Trooper, a website for helping filmmakers attain filmmaking freedom. Scott recently made a feature film for $500 with no crew called, The Cube. Want to know what equipment was used to make that film? Grab a FREE gift at www.FREEGEARGUIDE.com