Hello ...

My name is Scott McMahon ...

I'm a Fellow Film Trooper and Your Instructor

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What is the Film Trooper Academy?

The Film Trooper Academy is a filmmaking club for aspiring young filmmakers.

Currently we offer a unique and super fun one-day filmmaking workshop.

Although, we're based in Portland, Oregon ... we can travel and bring the workshop to your city!  Just contact us to find out how 🙂

Why I'm Doing This ...

I created Film Trooper to help answer that one big question that I wish was taught when I was in film school ... How do you make a sustainable living making movies?

As I watch my daughter's interests grow within the arts and filmmaking, I want to be sure she has the tools and skills to succeed on her own without the need of waiting for an industry to offer the opportunities.


Film Trooper is the #1 Podcast in filmmaking, according to a post by the Indie Film Academy.  Film Trooper is a podcast, website, and educational portal, helping aspiring filmmakers to achieve filmmaking freedom.

Who You?

My mother is from Thailand, and if she ever meets someone new, she would ask in her broken english, "Who you?"

Who am I?

I've worked professionally in the areas of video games, film, TV, video, digital media, web content creation ... and even acting.

For nearly 12 years, I supervised the Cinematic Department for Sony PlayStation.  I've had a chance to play in a huge sandbox, working with some of the world's best animators, technicians, and visual effects artists.

If you want to see some of my past work, feel free to watch the video below ...


While reviving my acting career, I made a feature film for $500 with no crew called, THE CUBE.

The process of making and selling THE CUBE online led to the creation of the FILM TROOPER.

FILM TROOPER is a podcast and web resource for independent filmmakers who are trying to build a sustainable living doing what they love to do ... making films.

Feel free to watch the trailer for THE CUBE below ... http://thecubemovie.com

The "Book" ...

In 2015, I wrote the book, "How to Make and Sell Your Film Online and Survive the Hollywood Implosion While Doing It."

In the book, I compiled research and curated how artists of all kinds were using online marketing to sell their work.

The book has been described as ...


"An indispensable resource for the new digital filmmaking paradigm."

Randall Jahnson, Screenwriter of The Doors and The Mask of Zorro


"I work with a lot of aspiring filmmakers who are trying to break into the traditional Hollywood system.  Scott's marketing expertise brings a new perspective for the independent filmmaker who wants to get attention for their film.  Full of practical tips and advice for making films outside the Hollywood studio system."

Stephanie Palmer, Former MGM Executive and Author of Good in a Room

The book is available on Amazon at: https://filmtrooper.com/amazonbook

Sell Your Film Online

What Film School Doesn't Teach ...

I have a friend who works for one the most prominent "for profit" colleges where they specialize in film and music.  He said to me, that each student is worth $50,000 - $100,000 to the school.

Although, the school has state-of-the-art equipment that dazzles students, he has no idea where they are sending their graduates.  There are no jobs for what they teach, as the industry has changed.

One of the most pressing questions most film graduates discover is that they were never taught how to hustle for work, or how to sell their film once they've completed it.


Excited For The Future ...

After successfully making and selling a film online ...

After successfully writing and selling a book online ...

And after successfully producing the #1 ranked podcast for filmmakers ...

I am excited to bring this world to young people who want to have fun making movies!

And to give them the tools to succeed in today's digital age.


Your Teen Can Become a FILM TROOPER!

Next Workshop ...



Only 10 Spots/Workshop

What your teen gets ...

One-Day Filmmaking Workshop

  • • Learn the skills to be a filmmaker
  • • Learn how to shoot a movie
  • • Learn how to record audio for a movie
  • • Learn how to shoot on a green screen
  • • Learn how to use a teleprompter
  • • Learn how to edit a movie
  • • Get a Film Trooper T-Shirt
  • • Get a Film Trooper Cap
  • • Get Film Trooper Goggles
  • • What's it cost?
  • • $50 per workshop!
  • • Next workshop: TBA
  • ** Ask your parents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is the workshop only offered to teens (13-18 yrs)?

The curriculum for the one-day filmmaking workshop is tailored for teenagers.  In addition, the movie that is produced at the end of the workshop is intended to be shared on various social media platforms that adhere to the 13 and older requirements to be on those platforms.


Will Film Trooper be offering any workshops for kids under 12?

We intend to expand the workshop to meet the needs of the community.  If you have a child who is interested in becoming a Film Trooper, please contact us at this link:  CONTACT


Does Film Trooper comply with COPPA?

COPPA stands for the Child Online Privacy Protection Act.  The Film Trooper website does not collect information on children under the age of 13.  In doing so, Film Trooper complies with COPPA.


Does Film Trooper have a business license?

Yes. (Link)


Does Film Trooper have a liability insurance?

Yes. (Link)


Does Film Trooper have the proper background check?

Yes. (Link)


Is Film Trooper trained in first aid and CPR training?

Yes. (Link)


Will there be other options beside a one-day workshop?

Yes.  We are currently planning a full-time after school club membership for your teen to participate in various filmmaking learning tracks.


For any questions not answered, please CONTACT us!

Click this link:  CONTACT