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Filmmaking club for aspiring young filmmakers!

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Why not a filmmaking club?


A club where your teen makes movies with friends ...

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Your teen learning the skills to be a creative leader ...

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Your teen making life-long friends ...

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Teens (13-18 yrs)

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 Only 10 Spots / Session

What your teen gets ...

Half-Day Film School

  • • Learn the skills to be a filmmaker
  • • Learn how to make better YouTube videos
  • • Learn how to make better YouTube videos
  • • Learn how to shoot a movie
  • • Learn how to record audio for a movie
  • • Learn how to shoot on a green screen
  • • Learn how to use a teleprompter
  • • Learn how to edit a movie
  • • Get a Film Trooper T-Shirt
  • • Get a Film Trooper Cap
  • • Get Film Trooper Goggles
  • • What's it cost?
  • • $50 per session
  • • Next session: Coming Soon!
  • ** Ask your parents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are the sessions only offered to teens (13-18 yrs)?

The curriculum for the half-day film school is tailored for teenagers.  In addition, the movie that is produced at the end of the session is intended to be shared on various social media platforms that adhere to the 13 and older requirements to be on those platforms.


Will Film Trooper be offering any sessions for kids under 12?

We intend to expand the half-day film school to meet the needs of the community.  If you have a child who is interested in becoming a Film Trooper, please contact us at this link:  CONTACT


Does Film Trooper comply with COPPA?

COPPA stands for the Child Online Privacy Protection Act.  The Film Trooper website does not collect information on children under the age of 13.  In doing so, Film Trooper complies with COPPA.


Does Film Trooper have a business license?

Yes. (Link)


Does Film Trooper have a liability insurance?

Yes. (Link)


Does Film Trooper have the proper background check?

Yes. (Link)


Is Film Trooper trained in first aid and CPR training?

Yes. (Link)


Will there be other options besides a half-day session?

Yes.  We are currently planning a full-time after school club membership for your teen to participate in various filmmaking learning tracks.


For any questions not answered, please CONTACT us!

Click this link:  CONTACT

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