Welcome to the Film Trooper Accountability Academy!




What are the next steps?


In order to best help you with your goals, please fill out this quick survey to determine what stage you're in with your film project and career goals.

Click here to fill out the survey >> https://filmtrooper.com/accountability-survey



Once you've completed the survey,  I will email you to schedule a time to meet one-on-one via video chat.  In this initial on-boarding session, we can go over what to expect in the academy and any questions you might have before we get started.



Included in the follow up email, you will gain access to your Accountability Log.  We will go over this document in our one-on-one session.

Each week, I will assess your Accountability Log and help keep you focused on completing that week's goal.



In addition to gaining access to the Accountability Log, I'll set you up in the private Facebook group and show you how to utilize the mobile app for easier connection.

Can't wait?  Join the Secret Facebook Group now!  Click here >> https://filmtrooper.com/fbgroup



Each academy member has different ways they like to communicate.  You are free to email me, call me, text me, or message me via the Facebook group when you are stuck on anything related to your film project and career goals.

All my contact information will be supplied to you in the on-boarding email.



Each week, starting on Thursdays, and dependent on your time zone, I will be holding LIVE Google Hangout sessions to help answer that week's series of questions.

Each Hangout is designed to focus on the collective questions from the academy, so if members are struggling with building an audience, then that will be the focus.  If you have individual needs, then those questions will be addressed during the weekly Accountability Log checkup.



Just fill out the survey and that will trigger all the following steps to get going at reaching your goals faster.

I'm excited and feel very privileged to help in your journey.  I'll see you on the inside 🙂