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Scott McMahon is a Fellow Film Trooper at Film Trooper, a website for helping filmmakers attain filmmaking freedom. Scott recently made a feature film for $500 with no crew called, The Cube. Want to know what equipment was used to make that film? Grab a FREE gift at www.FREEGEARGUIDE.com

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[Podcast] FINAL EPISODE: Lessons Learned In this episode, I’m joined once again by my good friend and fellow podcaster, Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle.  Since this is the final episode for the Film Trooper podcast, Alex and I discuss everything that we’ve learned while running our podcasts.  It’s a long episode, but contains a…

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Making a movie for the mob

[Podcast] What Happens When You Make A Movie For The Mob? In this episode, I’m joined again by my good friend and fellow podcaster, Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle.  Alex shares with us how he wrote the true life story of trying to make a feature film for the mob and it nearly broke…

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How To Make Films For China

[Podcast] How To Make Films For China In this episode, returning guest, Thomas Lim from Sun Entertainment Culture Shares with us how filmmakers can make films for the Chinese market. Sun Entertainment Culture … Sun Entertainment Culture (SEC), established in 2011, aims at bringing top quality entertainment to audiences worldwide by producing and distributing film and…

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Q&A Film Distribution

[Podcast] Q&A Film Distribution In this episode, I am joined by Tucia Lyman, filmmaker of “M.O.M.” as we discuss what to do with your film when it’s finished and you are searching for film distribution. A Mother’s Worst Nightmare … EERRGGHH!!! I finished my film … But now what? You’re in luck! This FREE video series can…

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What Really To Do With Your Indie Film

[Podcast] What Really To Do With Your Indie Film In this episode, Ashley Scott Meyers from the SellingYourScreenplay.com joins us to discuss what filmmakers really should do when they finish their indie films.  Listen in as Meyers shares what he’s doing with his film, “The Pinch”. Selling Your Screenplay   “The Pinch” 3-Hour Webinar Ashley Scott…

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How Do You Start Your CGI Filmmaking Career

In this episode, we discover what happens when a CGI artist and his wife double down on a Kickstarter campaign to make their short film series featuring a lot of CGI shots. Listen in as Indie Film Coach, Ron Newcomb interviews CGI Artist and filmmaker, Miguel Ortega, on his film series, “The Ningyo”.

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