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Film Innovation Lab

FILM INNOVATION LAB – DALLAS, TX On Saturday, August 8th, 2015 I spoke at the Film Innovation Lab put on by Jeff Vogt of Imagination Media Studios. Jeff’s vision was to bring together the bright minds of the local tech startup world and the forward thinking world of the local independent filmmaking scene. So, the…

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One Location Cinema 001

ONE LOCATION CINEMA 001 The goal of this video series to build a collection of films that were shot in one location* (Of course there will be some exceptions, but you get the idea*)   Why is this important?   At Film Trooper, my mission is to help filmmakers become entrepreneurs and to find new ways…

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What to Expect in 2015

HOWDY FILM TROOPER: Originally, I thought that I could get a newsletter out to you on Thursdays … but then I woke up and smelled reality.  It’s going to be better that I send off the newsletter on Tuesdays. It’s what the hyenas call, “biting off more than you can chew”. So, here’s what you can…

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What Filmmakers Can Learn From Real Estate Investors

WE BUY HOUSES Have you ever been driving along the road and seen a sign staked into the ground, perhaps at the corner of an intersection, and it read:  “We Buy Houses”? For most of us, this sign means nothing … We might even find it a bit strange. Now, imagine … You’re a person…

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