155: What Really To Do With Your Indie Film

What Really To Do With Your Indie Film

[Podcast] What Really To Do With Your Indie Film In this episode,¬†Ashley Scott Meyers from the SellingYourScreenplay.com joins us to discuss what filmmakers really should do when they finish their indie films.¬† Listen in as Meyers shares what he’s doing with his film, “The Pinch”. Selling Your Screenplay   “The Pinch” 3-Hour Webinar Ashley Scott…

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131: Predicting Disruptions in the Entertainment Industry

predicting disruptions in entertainment

In this episode, I’m joined by Gabriella Mirabelli, host of the Up Next podcast. Her podcast focuses on new ideas and new technology that are causing seismic shifts the media industry. Gabriella introduces us to the innovators, the risk-takers and the disrupters on the front lines of change from Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and beyond.

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126: The 6 Gold-Mine Genres of Indie Hollywood with Scott Kirkpatrick

Film Business

In this episode, I rebroadcast my interview with Scott Kirkpatrick, Author of “Writing for the Green Light: How to make your script the one Hollywood notices”. At the time of this interview, Kirkpatrick was an executive at Mar Vista Entertainment, and his background in film sales and production unveils the truth about working in the world of Indie Hollywood.

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