If you follow the discussion and tips shared within this blog there is no way to determine the success for each individual.  As everyone's background, upbringing, challenges, and current or future economic situation are completely different.

Success will be dependent on your own definition.

This blog will help outline the possible ways in which to successfully sell a digital product (your film) online and become a filmmaking entrepreneur.


In many of the blog posts, video blogs, and audio podcasts, I may provide links to products and services that I have used to help sell my digital products online.  It is assumed that the links that I provide are affiliate links, meaning if you choose to purchase any of the items suggested, those products and services will pay me a small percentage of the sale, however ...

There is no extra charge to you as the buyer!

You can pay for the same product or service through another vendor; my affiliate link just tells the company that you have decided to purchase the items through me, which triggers their accounting system to send me a small commission.

So, whenever you see a link in this blog that sends you to a product or service, you’ll be able to say, “Hey, I need this product or service and I know that when I use this link, it helps Scott out with the sale … with no extra charge to me!”

Due Diligence

Now, if you DO decide to purchase any of the product or services through any of the affiliate links, please be advised that it is expected that you conduct your own due diligence in making sure that those product or services work for your specific business decisions.

What has worked for other filmmaking entrepreneurs may NOT work for your efforts …

Please be aware of these conditions and conduct your business decisions with proper due diligence.

Thank you for your support!