"Where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?"

~ Christina Aguilera

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A collection of FREE forms, templates, and websites:


Cut to the chase and get the inside scoop on film festivals from my friend and colleague, Christopher Holland from Film Festival Secrets.

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Six secrets to get your film into festivals by my good friend and founder of Indie Film Hustle, Alex Ferrari.

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From Raindance comes this handy guide for anyone attending the Cannes Film Festival for the first time.

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Filmmaker Magazine compiled a simple list of how best to get the most out of attending the Sundance Film Festival.

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A collection of books on getting into film festivals or starting your own festival. (*These are affiliate links)

Film Festival Secrets

You all want the pleasure of seeing your film play before a festival audience and gain the recognition it deserves. This is your book.

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The Complete Filmmaker's Guide to Film Festivals

The first step-by-step “How To” guide to film festivals, offering filmmakers a bird’s eye view of what it takes to have a successful festival experience.

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Behind the Screens

Have you ever wondered...What's the deal with film festival programmers? What do they really think about your film? How do they make their decisions? And how can you improve your own film's odds of being picked?

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So You Want to Start a Film Festival?

Explore the genesis stories of 16 film festivals — hear the honest tales of heartache and passion — and discover the lasting impact of their events on their communities and the film industry.

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A collection of film festival services.


Withoutabox is the major service when it comes to submitting films to festivals.  Withoutabox was acquired by IMDB an Amazon company.  However, according to this report, Withoutabox is the most disliked platforms for festival directors.

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Over 5,000 of the world’s best film festivals and contests, including 42 Academy Award accredited festivals, use FilmFreeway to reach over 400,000 filmmakers and artists worldwide.

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Stephen Follows

Stephen Follows shares in-depth articles on the film business.  His article, "The Seismic Shift in the World of Film Festivals" is a must read to better understand how your film fits into the whole scheme of things.

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Essential Horror Festivals

The good folks over at the Raindance Film Festival compiled a list of essential horror and fantasy film festivals.  If you have a film in this genre, cut to the chase and submit to a place where people want to see your film.

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A collection of podcasts and podcast episodes that cover different aspects of film festivals.

Film Festivals Yay or Nay?

In this session, I’m joined by Skyline Indie Film Festival Founder, Brian Patrick, as we discuss the incentive and value of the film festival for filmmakers.

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What if You Don't Take Your Film to a Festival

In this session, I’m joined by filmmaker, Alrik Bursell, as we explore the question, “What if you don’t take your film to a festival?”

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Film Festival Secrets

In this episode, I interview my friend, Christopher Holland, the author of “Film Festival Secrets”.

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Film Festival Secrets (Podcast)

Get more from Christopher at his own running podcast show on iTunes.

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Film Festival Hacks

Film Festivals: Are They Relevant Anymore? Film Festival Hacks is the podcast that explores the festival circuit “from both sides of the badge.”  Join my friends, Alex Ferrari (Indie Film Hustle) and Christopher Holland (Film Festival Secrets).

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Sundance TV

SundanceTV hosts interviews and panels with established and emerging film talent at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Indie Film Hustle

Alex Ferrari over at Indie Film Hustle is constantly adding amazing episodes that are invaluable for any indie director.  Here is a collection on film festivals.

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Horrible Imaginings Podcast

Have you ever wanted to take a peek behind the curtain of film festivals? If you are a filmmaker, have you thought about some of the things you should do to increase your chances of acceptance into festivals? Those questions and more are what this episode is all about.

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A collection of videos that will help with your film festival journey.

Filmmaker Insider's Guide To The Film Festival Selection Process - Full Interview With Daniel Sol.  Exclusive series from Film Courage.

The Business: Submitting to Film Festivals.  This unique series from SAG-AFTRA is designed to help all indie filmmakers succeed with their film festival campaigns.

How To Get A Movie Into The Sundance Film Festival by Kyle Patrick Alvarez.  Exclusive video series from Film Courage.

From the gang over at Film Riot.  How to Get into a Film Festival!

LipTV brings us, Sundance Film Festival with Director of Programming Trevor Groth.

Full Sail University brings us, "How To Get Your Movie Into Film Festivals".

When your film gets into a festival, how do you succeed?  Getting Publicity For Your Film | Filmmaker Bootcamp Panel | TIFF Industry 2014.

This Guy Edits shares this short video with us.  How to Hustle at Film Festivals - SXSW 2017, Austin, TX.


A collection of online courses that you can take right now to help you succeed at film festivals. (*Affiliate links)

Film Festival Hacks: How to Submit to Festivals Like a Pro

Filmmaking is tough enough! We show u the secret hacks to get into film festivals for FREE & How not to get ripped off!

What Will You Learn?

  • Create a festival strategy by selecting appropriate festivals for their films.
  • Submit to Film Festivals like a Pro
  • Career Building and Networking
  • How to Educate Yourself for FREE at Film Festivals
  • Audience Building Techniques
  • Discover What Distributors Want and How to Find Them
  • Understand the technical requirements

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