Podcast Episodes 101 & Counting

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Welcome to the Film Trooper Podcast, where we empower the filmmaking entrepreneur.  Why?  Because film production is no longer a barrier ... anyone can make a film.  Film distribution is no longer a barrier ... anyone can sell their film directly to the world.  Film sales and marketing are the last barriers!  To rise above the noise of the internet is the challenge — this is the podcast that explores these topics to help you, the filmmaking entrepreneur.

Learn what works and what doesn't work  — then decide how you would apply the lessons to your journey!



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Podcast Episodes 101 -

101: What is the future of filmmaking? And how a lightsaber duel reveals the secrets

102: What are the 4 pillars of storytelling with Patrick Moreau of StillMotion

103: Star Wars Meets Shakespeare with Author Ian Doescher

104: How To Sell Your Script with Brooks Elms

105: What Happens in a PIXAR Brain Trust Meeting? Disney Screenwriter, Rob Edwards Explains

106: Driver X - Art & Science of No Budget Filmmaking with Mark Stolaroff

107: How To Become A Local Filmmaking Hero with Chris White

108: How To Make and Sell a Micro-Budget Film with Alex Ferrari

109: How Do You Actually Make A Living as a Filmmaker? with Jason Kartalian

110: How to Make MONEY with Your Live Screenings, Christopher Everett

111: What if Your Script SUCKS and How to Fix It (Part 1)

112: What if Your Script SUCKS and How to Fix It (Part 2)

113: How To Get A Distribution Deal with The Bet

114: Overcoming Death to Make Movies That Matter with Jenna Edwards

115: How To Get A Meeting With Netflix, HBO, and CNN For Your Documentary with Jonny Wallström

116: How To Get People To Come To Your Screening with Alex Petrovich

117: Better Control Over Your Film Distribution with Dot Studio Pro

118: How To Find Your Next Movie Concept (part 1) with Brooks Elms

119: Imagine Making $193M Off Your Micro-Budget Film with Oren Peli

120: Don't Take Your Film to a Festival: American Film Market (AFM)

121: How To Make A Living From Your Web Series and Documentaries with Lucas Longacre

122: Sound Recording and Mixing Tips For Your Indie Film with Sam Enjes, Game of Thrones

123: How To Pitch to a Hollywood Executive with Stephanie Palmer, Good in a Room

124: Lessons Learned From The New World of Film Distribution With Peter Broderick

125: What Self-Publishing a Book Taught Me About Selling Films Online

126: The 6 Gold-Mine Genres of Indie Hollywood with Scott Kirkpatrick

127: 10 Ways to Improve Your Luck as a Filmmaker

129: How Do Movies Make Money?

130: How to Make a Web Series a Success (Haunting of Sunshine Girl)

131: Predicting Disruptions in the Entertainment Industry with Gabriella Mirabelli

132: How to Market Your Indie Film (Part 1)

133: How to Market Your Indie Film (Part 2)

134: How to Gain Access to Anyone with Michael Schein

135: How to Sell Your Film to Netflix

136: How to Take Your Indie Film on the Road with Kelley Baker

137: Filmmaker Problems and How To Fix Them with Ron Newcomb

138: How To Get A Named Actor In Your Film and How To Work With SAG (Part 1)

139: How To Get A Named Actor In Your Film and How To Work With SAG (Part 2)

140: Filmmaking & Actors: Working a Full-Time Job While Pursuing Your Dream

141: Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers with Richard "RB" Botto

142: How To Sell Your Film at The American Film Market (AFM) with Jonathan Wolf

143: How To Run A Film Distribution Company with Glass House Distribution

144: How To Sell Your Film To A Distributor with Scott Kirkpatrick

145: What I Learned From My Hiatus From Film Trooper (Part One)

146: What I Learned From My Hiatus From Film Trooper (Part Two)

147: How To Make Live Theater Into A Film

148: Discussing Story and a Well Written Script with Greg Green

149: Lessons Learned From Indie Film Hustle with Alex Ferrari

150: How To Level Up Your Filmmaking Career with Eduardo Sanchez, creator of The Blair Witch Project

151: How Do You Start Your CGI Filmmaking Career

152: How To Create Practical Effects For Your Film

153: How To Create VR and Augmented Reality Films

154: Creating an Epic Viking Horror Film

155: What Really To Do With Your Indie Film with Ashley Scott Meyers

156: Q&A Film Distribution with Tucia Lyman, "M.O.M."

157: How To Make Films For China with Thomas Lim, Sun Entertainment Culture

158: What Happens When You Make A Movie For The Mob?

159:  FINAL EPISODE:  Lessons Learned

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