157: How To Make Films For China

How To Make Films For China

[Podcast] How To Make Films For China In this episode, returning guest, Thomas Lim from Sun Entertainment Culture Shares with us how filmmakers can make films for the Chinese market. Sun Entertainment Culture … Sun Entertainment Culture (SEC), established in 2011, aims at bringing top quality entertainment to audiences worldwide by producing and distributing film and…

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155: What Really To Do With Your Indie Film

What Really To Do With Your Indie Film

[Podcast] What Really To Do With Your Indie Film In this episode, Ashley Scott Meyers from the SellingYourScreenplay.com joins us to discuss what filmmakers really should do when they finish their indie films.  Listen in as Meyers shares what he’s doing with his film, “The Pinch”. Selling Your Screenplay   “The Pinch” 3-Hour Webinar Ashley Scott…

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149: Lessons Learned From Indie Film Hustle

Lessons Learned From Indie Film Hustle

In this episode, Alex Ferrari returns to share what he’s learned in the years since launching “Indie Film Hustle”. In addition, Alex shares with us what he’s learned from crowdfunding and self-distributing his feature film, “This is Meg” and the launch of his new film, “On the Corner of Ego and Desire”, a comedy about selling a film at the Sundance Film Festival, made over the course of 4 days while attending the Sundance Film Festival.

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016: Mike Vogel, Filmmaker and Transmedia Entrepreneur

TRANSMEDIA FILMMAKER, MIKE VOGEL ON THE FILM TROOPER PODCAST In this episode I interview filmmaker and transmedia entrepreneur, Mike Vogel.  Mike has made 2 feature films and his latest venture, PHRENIC is an intrinsic journey down the strange and thrilling story world of science fiction experienced through an iOS app.

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The Wizard Behind the Curtain (The Big Picture)

“Ignore the man behind the curtain” ~ The Wizard of Oz Imagine going on vacation, spending all sorts of money, then coming back home to find out that you’ve earned more money than you spent. How incredible would that be?  How can this be?  Investment money?  Trust fund?  Maybe … But it could something as…

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How I Made A Feature Film For $500 With No Crew

Yes, I made a feature film for $500 with no crew. It’s called The Cube. You can check out the link for the trailer and even watch the first 7-minutes of the film for free! www.thecubemovie.com Any-hoo-hoo. Is this even a big deal anymore? Making a feature film for no money? Maybe, who knows? If you want…

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