151: How Do You Start Your CGI Filmmaking Career?

How Do You Start Your CGI Filmmaking Career

In this episode, we discover what happens when a CGI artist and his wife double down on a Kickstarter campaign to make their short film series featuring a lot of CGI shots. Listen in as Indie Film Coach, Ron Newcomb interviews CGI Artist and filmmaker, Miguel Ortega, on his film series, “The Ningyo”.

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149: Lessons Learned From Indie Film Hustle

Lessons Learned From Indie Film Hustle

In this episode, Alex Ferrari returns to share what he’s learned in the years since launching “Indie Film Hustle”. In addition, Alex shares with us what he’s learned from crowdfunding and self-distributing his feature film, “This is Meg” and the launch of his new film, “On the Corner of Ego and Desire”, a comedy about selling a film at the Sundance Film Festival, made over the course of 4 days while attending the Sundance Film Festival.

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148: Discussing Story and A Well Written Script

film trooper podcast - greg green

In this episode, VIP Film Summit Founder, Ron Newcomb, interviews award-winning filmmaker, Greg Green about looking at filmmaking through the lens of the writer.  Discussing the importance of story, structure, dialogue, and how flashbacks can be used as a strategic way to reveal character. Plus! How does someone over 40 living outside of Hollywood make things happen?

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