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028: Oren Peli, Creator of Paranormal Activity

CREATOR OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, OREN PELI ON THE FILM TROOPER PODCAST In this episode, I interview writer, director, producer, creator of Paranormal Activity.  Take an emotional ride as Oren shares with us the blow-by-blow of what it took to release Paranormal Activity to the world.  

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You Need a Cure … Not a Prevention!

There’s a saying in marketing, that you need to sell the “cure” NOT the “prevention”. So, what does that mean? I’m going to pull from Mr. Joe Sugarman himself.  Who is Joe? He is a master marketer and author of “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word:  The Ultimate Resource on How to Write Powerful Advertising…

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Film Marketing Case Study: What Is Your Fear?

WHAT IS YOUR FEAR? My fear is that this little film won’t make any money, that’s my fear.  Haha.  So, I made this feature film for $500 with no crew.  Yes, no crew.  It’s called, THE CUBE. You can check it out here: Anyway, the whole premise for FILM TROOPER is to produce extremely…

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024: Tony Mendoza, Filmmaker

FILMMAKER, TONY MENDOZA ON THE FILM TROOPER PODCAST In this episode, you get to eve’s drop on a Skype conversation that filmmaker, Tony Mendoza, and I had when Tony reached out to ask me more about Film Trooper.  I think this casual conversation sums up really well what I’m trying to accomplish with Film Trooper.…

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Just Barf It Out: The Film Minimum Viable Product (FMVP)

JUST BARF IT OUT That’s the normal advice they experts give screenwriters when they’re staring at a blank page.  The whole act of brainstorming and getting whatever is on your mind out onto paper (real or electronic) is a helpful process of getting onto … well, the real writing.  It’s much easier to edit something…

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How I Made A Feature Film For $500 With No Crew

Yes, I made a feature film for $500 with no crew. It’s called The Cube. You can check out the link for the trailer and even watch the first 7-minutes of the film for free! Any-hoo-hoo. Is this even a big deal anymore? Making a feature film for no money? Maybe, who knows? If you want…

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