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Survive the Hollywood Implosion:  A Survival Guide For Making and Selling Films Online.  No festivals.  No distributors.  No budget.  No problem.

My name is Scott McMahon and I’m a fellow Film Trooper.  What the heck is a Film Trooper?  Well, this site is designed to help filmmakers become entrepreneurs.  And that is one of the keys at surviving the Hollywood implosion.

But … Is the implosion real?

The aim for this Survival Guide is to explore this idea further.  And since you are one of the 100 people who will get an advanced copy of the guide when it is completed and launched on October 28th ... The only thing that you have to do get the book for FREE is to leave an honest rating and review on when the book is released.

Now it’s important to be honest.  Well, maybe not too honest, after all if the Survival Guide totally blows, then you could lie 🙂  No, seriously, be honest.  It’s the only way for me to improve.

Okay, so on top of getting a few email updates and early access to the Survival Guide, you’ll be added to the exclusive G+ Community with the other launch members.  In this community I’ll be sharing with you the process of what I hope will be a successful launch of this guide into the marketplace.  I’ll be setting up LIVE Hangout sessions and answer any questions you and the other members might have as we release this thing out into the universe together.

So, that’s about it.  You’ll be seeing a confirmation email in your inbox soon … This is to make sure your not some kind of SPAM bot, but rather a real live person who has thoughts and feelings and smells nice after a warm shower.

Okay.  Thank you again.  And welcome to the launch group!