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Who am I?


My name is Scott McMahon, and I’m a Fellow Film Trooper.


What’s a Film Trooper?


It is a filmmaking entrepreneur.


And why be a filmmaking entrepreneur?


If you want to build a sustainable living from making and selling your films online, then becoming a Film Trooper may help you get there.


More specifically, I’m on a mission to help filmmakers make feature films for practically nothing, like I did with my film, THE CUBE, which was made for $500 with no crew.  Again, that’s a feature film, not a short film.


The idea is simple enough, take these inexpensively made feature films and sell them directly online to a willing audience who is ready to pay you for your work.  No festivals.  No distributors.


If a film is only a digital product, then how do you sell a digital product online?  And how do you build a sustainable living from just one product?


Well, that’s Film Trooper’s mission — Take strategies mastered by successful online entrepreneurs and apply those strategies to selling your film.


The rise of the middle class filmmaker is here!


And this Survival Guide will take you through the steps of making and selling your film online in a whole new way!


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