123: How To Pitch To A Hollywood Executive with Stephanie Palmer, Good in a Room

By Scott McMahon | December 12, 2016 |
Pitch Script to Hollywood

In this rebroadcast episode, I interview former Director of Creative Affairs for MGM Studios, and now the founder of Good In A Room, Stephanie Palmer. Stephanie teaches filmmakers and screenwriters how to prepare for any pitch meeting. Her advice will give you the best chances to succeed.

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122: Sound Recording and Mixing Tips For Your Indie Film

By Scott McMahon | December 3, 2016 |
sound recording indie film

In this episode, we get sound recording and mixing tips for our indie films from Sam Ejnes, Mix Technician on Game of Thrones.

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121: How To Make A Living From Your Web Series and Documentaries with Lucas Longacre

By Scott McMahon | November 24, 2016 |

In this episode, I speak with Lucas Longacre from Iron Way Entertainment about how he and his wife are able to make a living from their web series and documentaries.

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120: Don’t Take Your Film To A Festival: The American Film Market (AFM)

By Scott McMahon | November 3, 2016 |
Film Trooper Podcast

In this episode, I unpack why you wouldn’t want to take your film to a festival and bring it to the American Film Market.

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119: Imagine Making $193M Off Your Micro-Budget Film with Oren Peli

By Scott McMahon | October 19, 2016 |

In this episode, I polish off an old interview and rebroadcast it for you. Listen in as you get a detailed account of all the emotions and business steps that went into turning “Paranormal Activity” into a global phenomenon.

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